Road Safety, Emerging Markets

Road safety in emerging markets CDC guidance

SAT was commissioned by CDC Investment Works the UK International Development Bank and its stakeholder partners to develop a Good Practice Note (GPN) to manage road safety in emerging markets. 


PIDG (The Private Infrastructure Development Group), SIFEM (Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets)

FMO (Entrepreneurial Development Bank Netherlands) and PROPARCO (Agence Française de Développement) 

The GPN is designed as a practical guide to assist portfolio companies and investors in improving road safety, a copy of it can be downloaded here

The private sector and investors are increasingly seeing a need to enforce stronger practices around road safety planning, monitoring and reporting in organisations in emerging markets.


Establishing a strong road safety culture and reinforcing this by senior management is a key foundation for good road safety management systems. CDC, PIDG, SIFEM, FMO and Proparco recognised the need for a good practice note focusing on practical solutions and good practices to improving road safety in their individual portfolios and beyond to all organisations operating in emerging markets, with useful tools, good practice recommendations and case studies from their portfolio.


The good practice note aims to support organisations in emerging markets to improve their road safety processes by providing practical advice on planning, implementing, monitoring and reporting on road safety management systems. The objective is not to provide new standards, but to provide practical tools, case studies, good practices and access to external resources to support investors and companies to strengthen or develop road safety management systems.


The main audiences of this good practice note are: –


Organisations where road-related travel is an integral activity in their supply chain or main operations. Providing guidance for senior management in these organisations as well as for the health and safety/journey management/road safety teams on managing drivers as well as contractors.


Organisations where road-related travel is an indirect operation (that is, employees travelling to work by road), Providing guidance on good practices towards ensuring employee safety during road travel.  


Investors who want to improve road safety performance in investees in emerging markets. Within this group, the guidance is mainly relevant for environment, health and safety (EHS) specialists, investment staff or compliance professionals.

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