Driver Support Solutions

At SAT we classify drivers into two categories. Professional drivers are those who drive for at least 75% of their job, this could include delivery drivers and members of sales teams and then there are the non-professional drivers which is everyone else who drives for work - even if that's just dropping off the post on the way home.


Professional drivers need to have more advanced training to help them manage their role. As a lone worker they are more vulnerable than those who work in office or home environments and statistically are more likely to have an accident at work which isn’t necessarily as a result of their own actions but those around them.


driver trainer next to a car
man completing driver training using his mobile device

To support all drivers, we provide a wide range of support, through digital blended learning, mentoring programs and 1-1 coaching and development. Our coaching and training is linked to the risk associated with an individual, thorough continual risk is assessment from the data that is available to us through our solutions.


At the heart of this is a driver’s digital passport. The passport carries all the information on that driver and is the drivers record of their overall performance including training and driving performance.

At SAT we don’t believe in providing face to face driving training to every driver. Training and mentoring should be provided on a graduated response, linked to the driver’s behaviours and associated risk rating. This provides a consistent  graduated development for the driver, allowing them to improve on their core skills and knowledge and at the same time, identify those drivers who need  to improve with more intensive support.

Our solutions include a full range of blended learning approaches, including digital online learning, driver coaching through online and direct on road training plus phone support from driver coaches. 

Our SCORM Compliant digital learning management system enables us to provide direct training through micro learning, to desk top, tablet or smart phone anywhere in the world in over 35 standard languages, with options for other languages as well.